The Olive museum at Syvros

The old olive oil factory, built in the early 1800

The Olive museum at Syvros

Fabbrica Museum Syvros entrance

Fabbrica Museum

The Olive museum “Fabbrica” is located at Syvros, a picturesque village in south Lefkada. The museum is housed in the building of the old olive oil factory belonging to Tsarlambas family, one of the biggest and oldest families of the island. The building was declared a historic monument by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1997.

Fabbrica Museum Lefkada space

It is part of an architectural complex covering 1,200 sq.m. and comprising houses, horse stables, olive oil warehouse, old wood oven, etc. in a field of 8,000 sq.m. in the middle of the village. The old olive oil factory was build in the early 1800’s by the ancestors of the current owner and was in operation till the mid of the 70’s.

Several techniques of extracting olive oil were used in this place. In the beginning it was horse powered, then by a diesel engine and finally by electric motor. The old olive oil factory was restored and transformed into museum in order to offer to every visitor, regardless of age, the option to come close to the underlying culture of the valuable olive oil product and to get acquainted with the old traditional techniques of its production as well. Visitors can sample in the tasting area, according to a special tasting ritual which reveals the secret of good olive oil. Now it is open for the public as a visiting place where one can also buy high quality local products and souvenirs. The museum with its equipment is an excellent example of: a) Agricultural tradition b) Preindustrial technology and c) Architectural tradition

Olive oil Museum Tsarlambas

In the nearby tavern “Ntomata” visitors can try authentic dishes of the local cuisine, prepared according to old traditional recipes, using extra virgin olive oil of our production.

Opening hours Summer period:
May: Daily 10:00 - 15:00
June: Daily 10:00 - 17:00
July,August,September: Daily 10:00 - 21:00
1 - 15 October: Daily 10:00 - 15:00
From October 15th, to April 30th, Visits on Request

Ticket price: 2.50 euro
Price includes (Video Projection, Guided tour, Tasting of olive oil and other local high quality products)
Family package: Free entrance for children under 16 years old.
For groups, please, contact before
Tel.: +30.2645039447
mobile: +30.6986090413

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