Land at Perigiali, with amazing views of the Ionian sea and Scorpios island

The most amazing unobstructed views of the most beautiful area of Lefkada

3737m², 250m from the sea

The plot is located in the village Perigiali, 250m from the sea, 2km from Nidri and 18km from Lefkada Town.
The initial land size is 3.737m2. However, the plot area after joining the city plan will be 3.402m2.

For now, the buildable surface is 186 sq. meters, which can be double for cave houses.
Following the adoption of PD approval of the city plan, the property can be divided into 4 buildable plots of 850,50m2 each. Builds 400m2 on each plot i.e. 1600m2 in total. One can build houses, tourist residential villas, etc.

It offers amazing unobstructed views of the most beautiful area of Lefkada. A unique combination of sea views, mountain of Skaros, Perigiali, Nydri, the gulf of Vlicho, Agia Kyriaki, Madouri, Skorpios and Meganissi.

Note 1: The City Plan has been approved by decision of the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change in March 2011 so the process for the plot inclusion at the city plan has started. It is at its completion that the plot will provide 1600m2 of building surface.

Note 2: Title deeds have been transcribed in the relevant land registry. Certification of Forest Service is available. The plot boundaries are well specified.

Builds house up to 186 sq.m (with future capacity for 1.600 sq.m)
Access to the plot by Main Road
Electricity Network: In Place
Water Network: In Place

Code: JMPe218


Listing Ultimo aggiornamento: 24 August 2021

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