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Are you a property owner or manager in Lefkada? is created by locals in Lefkada with goal to increase the tourism in Lefkada. By improving our owner's community, organizing the rental offers and making it easier for travelers to discover a perfect place to stay.

Advertise your Vacation Rental in Lefkada, in the most complete and updated portal about Holiday Rentals in Lefkas island. If you are looking for Property Management Services, please, contact us.

Adverts starting at 70€ per year, for a Basic 12-month subscription.

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We want to promote and show all the relevant and useful information in order your guests to know if your holiday property meets all their requirements and specific needs for their vacation. Photographs will help your guests imagine themselves in your rental, so be sure that you have a satisfactory amount of high resolution photos of the interior and the exterior spaces.

In you have the ability of setting your villa pricing according to the season. Since it is very important to keep your guests informed about your villa’s availability and reservations, gives you the ability of calendar synchronization with other booking platforms.

Communicate with your Guests

As a host you will be able to communicate directly with your potential guests by answering to booking requests and inquiries or by making a special offer. When you receive a booking request as a pending booking, you’ll have the ability to choose either to accept or reject it. also sends automatic notifications to host via email, once you have a new booking request or inquiry.

There are 3 types of listing:

The "Basic" listing which provides:
  • Unlimited Text Description
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Minimum-Maximum Rate per season
  • Contact details per property
  • Online administration account, so you can update/edit the details of your properties, anytime you wish.
"Advanced" package. In this package, you can have (on top of the Basic):
  • Analytical availability calendar
  • Analytical pricing per day (the users see the real price for the requested dates)
  • Synchronization capabilities of your calendar (sync-in, sync-out, external sites)
  • Online Reservations, after owner's approval
  • History of received inquiries per account
  • Extra promotion in our Social media pages (our Facebook page has already more than 82.000 Likes)
"Premium" package. In this one, you take on top of the Advance:
  • Top listed in our search results page
  • Featured listing on various sections
  • Special Offers (Discounts, Last Minute) promoted through our Social Media