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About Us

Lefkada-Rentals.com right from Lefkada island

A complete marketplace for your holidays in Lefkada

Discover Lefkada

Lefkada-Rentals.com is a holiday rentals marketplace in Lefkada, built by a team of local travel experts who have an intimate knowledge of the areas of the island. Our goal is to assist you in finding the perfect holiday villa, apartment, yachts, motor boat, car rental or other activities in Lefkada for your tastes, accompanied by the amazing mountain or sea views the island has to offer!
Through Lefkada-Rentals.com platform, you will experience the quality of our property services and find all the necessary information about the rental you are interested. Our main advantage, compared with other travel agent websites, is that the guest contacts and books directly from the owner of the property.
We also share our passion for the island through our weekly updated Travel blog, with travel trips recommendations, amazing beach reviews and everything else you should know for unforgettable holidays in Lefkada!

Build on Communication

Communication is the central axis around which Lefkada-Rentals’ reliable platform has been developed. Hosts and travelers can communicate directly to each other. We encourage our users to leave reviews about the properties or about their experiences in our Facebook page and with that way, enhance the community of Lefkada-Rentals.

The process of contacting an owner is simple and direct, the guest finds the rental of his choise and contacts directly the owner, using the corresponding contact form or his phone numbers, by making an inquiry or a booking request. The owner then can reply, accept the booking directly or even make a special offer to his potential guest!

Certified Agent

Lefkada-Rentals is based in Lefkada town and its a licensed local agent certified by the Greek National Tourist Organization.

Address: Ir.Politechniou & Tzavala, Lefkada, 31100
Tel: +30 26450 26912

Licence No: 08 31 E 60000093201

Greek National Tourist Organization logo Greek National Tourist Organization EOT label

Trusted Property Hosts

As locals we are able to verify all the villa and apartment hosts by making personal contact with them and visiting their holiday properties in Lefkada. We want you to have the best possible experience and make sure what you see is what you actually get! All villas presented in Lefkada-Rentals.com website, meet the requirements according to the greek regulations.

The host register procedure in our website also ensures that the villa host is real and verified by us. As Lefkada based company, we meet the owners in our every day life, so users can feel more confident about the person communicating with.

Get in Touch with Us

Whether you are a traveler or a holiday rental host, we are here for you before, during, and after your holiday experience.
Whether you like our story and want to work with us.
You can send your email to Support Team or call us directly to +30 26450 26912.