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Villas near Porto Katsiki beach?


Nidri is the most busy-traveled tourist resort of Lefkada. One of the first regions with tourist development. It is located in the southeast part of the island, 17km from the town of Lefkada. The settlement is built in an idyllic location. Vineyards, fertile valleys and aromatic gardens attract visitors. Nydri has a beautiful beach ideal for the lovers of swimming and water sports. Right in front the marina you will find many shops, taverns and coffeehouses. The small islands of Madouri with the old mansion of Valaoritis, Scorpio, Onasis private island, Scorpidi and Meganisi are right across Nydri. From Nydri you can take a boat and visit all those islands. In Vliho cape you will see the grave of the German archaeologist Daiperfeld, who believed that Lefkada was Homer’s Ithaca and that Odysseus palace was there. A theory never confirmed. His grave is on the top of the hill, at the end of Vliho peninsula. There is built the small church of Saint Kyriaki, which is built on the remains of Nymphon ancient temple. The Vlycho gulf is full of sailing boats and yachts as it is considered to be one of the most safe mooring places of the Mediteranean. Right next to Nidri you can also find Perigiali village with it's unique fisherman's harbour and it's tranqualizing beaches with cool waters coming from the pure spring from the montains above.

Villas near Lefkada town?

Agios Nikitas:

Agios Nikitas is a beautiful village characterized as preservable for it's traditional building style. It is located 14km southwest of the town. The traditional houses, picturesque narrow paths and hospitable people staying true to the traditional way of life, crate an idyllic picture. The village has a beautiful sandy shore, but 2km from it, is located Kathisma beach, one of the most cosmopolitan of the island. Agios Nikitas is built at the end of a forest, full of age-long olive trees, where cars are not allowed. During the last years, the region has evolved to tourist resort. More and more visitors choose Agios Nikitas, for their vacation, as it combines calmness to the close distance from the town and the rest tourist regions of Lefkada.


Vasiliki is one of the most cosmopolitan tourist resorts in Lefkada. Located at the south part of the island, in a verdurous location, it is only 38km from the capital. Dense vegetation and an extended beach with crystal clear waters, make Vasiliki a pole of attraction to visitors. It has one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada, with international fame. An extended beach that reaches up to Pontis’ gulf, is ideal for windsurfing. The wind coming from up high to the valley creates the ideal conditions for it and windsurfers from all over the globe choose Vasiliki as their sports tourism resort. The small port of Vasiliki connects Ithaca to Kefalonia in daily bases. Small boats that take visitors to Porto Katsiki beach and Agiofili beach, anchor here and depart daily. Vasiliki distinguishes for her tourist infrastructures. You will find many hotels, rooms to let, taverns and bars. It combines a quiet vacation enjoying nature, with the opportunity to entertain. Excavations at Evgiros Chirospilia, brought into light findings of the Paleolithic and Neolithic Age. According to the archaeological department, ancient structural remains are found in Vassilkis’ valley. But systematic excavations have not started yet.

Villas near Lefkada town?


LigiaLigia village is located in the east part of Lefkada, 6km from the town. It has a graphic fish port and people make their living out of fishing. The small beach of Ligia is ideal for swimming. You can eat in the fish taverns all around the village. Fresh fish is their specialty, try it! It is worth visiting the Valley of Love, a beautiful green location. If you decide to stay in Lygia, you will find rooms to let and a camping.


Nikiana is a coastal village, 10km south of Lefkada and between Lygia and Nydri. Its natural beauty makes it a pole of attraction to visitors. Nikiana develop rapidly tourist infrastructures and tend to be a cosmopolitan summer resort. The settlement is built in a privileged location with dense vegetation viewing to the mountains of Aitoloakarnania and the remaining of a medieval castle that used to be the center of the island during those ages.

Lefkada Town:

Lefkada: The town of Lefkada and capital of the island, is separated from the shores of Aitoloakarnania, through an artificial channel with two bridges. One of them is floating and movable on a canal, and opens for boats regularly, so it’s used as a shortcut. The town with its traditional unique style, shows part of the island’s cultural inheritance. Narrow cobblestone paths, traditional houses and old churches, all add to the beauty of this island. Take a walk around and live the most out of it! In the town of Lefkada you will see some of the most important sites of the island. Like Saint Mavras castle or the castle of Orsini, as it is else called. It was built in 1300 and hosts cultural events. The castle is built in front of a sea-lake and it is the most important aqua-land of the island, where many preserved species of birds and animals find shelter. The most impressive part of the town, is Bosketo park, with busts of eminent Zakynthians (Angelos Sikelianos, Aristotle Valaoritis, etc.). Venetians did not influence the town’s architecture as in Corfu and Zakyntho. The current town started to build in 1684, after the order of archon Morosini and people transferred their residences outside the castle. Earthquakes affected it. So houses were mostly small, double-decked wooden buildings with tiles. Most of the times, the floor was wooden, while the ground floor had stones. Due to the catastrophic earthquakes, people had to rebuild their houses. They used the same materials, but the upper part was light, with a steel sheet. It is a technique used even today. In the historic center you will see many buildings of that kind. Of course there are the noblemen old mansions, built in large building plot with yards. Like Zoulinou residence, where the Public Library of Lefkada is hosted today as and the Collection of Afterbyzantine Icons of Ionian Art. In Daiperfeld Street you will find many handcrafted artifacts and souvenir shops. While all around the central you will find cafes, taverns and lots of bars. Worthwhile visiting are Lefkada’s churches. The church of Saint Spyridonas dated from the 17th century and of Saint Nikolaos built in 1687 in baroque style. Really interesting are also the churches of Pantokratoras and Saint Minas. Don’t miss visiting the town museums. The archaeological and folkloric museum, the Public Library and Charmoglios Library, unveiling important parts of the island’s cultural inheritance. Lefkada Town is not only culture and landmarks, sandy beaches that are awarded with the Blue Flag distinction are in 5’ driving radius out of the city. Ai Giannis, Gyra, Ammoglossa are local’s favorite for swimming. People from all over the world come to Lefkada to windsurf and kite surf to the nearby beaches because of the ideal wind blow direction and the numerous water sport’s schools. Cultural events and night life is also a great attraction for tourists. Lefkada’s Folklor international festival of traditional dancing groups is a must see show for everyone tha happens to be there these days. Numerous bars and clubs are also there to entertain all kind of tastes throughout the summer. In Lefkada you will find hotels and rooms to let for all wallets. Options for entertainment satisfy all demands.

Porto Katsiki:

Porto Katsiki:, the best known beach, is today considered one of the most outstanding in the whole of Europe. This is a beach of exceptional beauty, famed the world over. Located 9 km near the village of Athani, here you will find green-blue, crystal-clear and brilliantly clean waters, with white sand hidden beneath the steep cliffs, it is revealed to the visitor as he slowly descends the steps which bring him down to the beach. This unique landscape is so spectacular that it will be inscribed forever in the memory of whoever visits this beach, whether he approaches it from the land or by boat from the sea.


The coastal settlement of Perigiali is on the way to Nydri. The whole coastal zone from the village to the cove of Vlihos is united and has tourist development. Perigiali is built in a beautiful surrounding and combines green nature to sandy shores. The view to Prigiponisia enchants every visitor. You can relax and enjoy the sun in the crystal clear waters of Perigiali.


Kathisma beach is one of the most beautiful we meet in the west part of Lefkada. It is only 2km from the traditional village Agios Nikitas. It is one of the beaches that every visitor should see. It is the next in row after the beach of Agios Nikitas, interrupted by high and abrupt rocks. The blond shore and crystal clear waters create an idyllic scenery.


Poros, A beautiful, traditional village of southeast Lefkada. It is 27km from the town. It is worth visiting and swim in the small beach of Gialos with white pebbles and blue waters. The region is of archaeological interest. In Pyrgi location you will see the remains of a medieval castle. Inside of it the remains off an ancient oil press, dated from the 4th BC.


Sivota impress every visitor. They are located in a cove’s arms. A Fiord is created among the green hills. A narrow stripe of sea passes through the hills and creates landscapes of unique beauty. Sivota are 30km Lefkada. They have a small marina that every summer is full of yachts. All around the village you will find many fish taverns. Fresh fish and seafood will stay unforgettable in your mouth.


23km from the town you will see the village of Kalamitsi, while 4km from it are small beaches and graphic coves. It is built on the slopes of mountain chain Rahi, but cannot be seen from the sea. This location was chosen to protect people from pirate invasions. It is one of the biggest villages in Lefkada. The 13 windmills of the village reveal the time of bloom. When residents worked with land and cultivated grains. During 1823 it was the only village – besides town – with a school.


Karia a hilly village, 14km from the town of Lefkada. People live according to the traditional way of life. The village is famous for its needlework, the famous “karisanika”, with the special karisianiki stitch. A revival of Karisanikos wedding is held every August. The village then is full of tourists, who want to know the island’s traditions. In 1912 was established a needlework School, where young Lefkadian women since then learn needlework – with a long tradition – from elder women. Everyday life of hilly Lefkada revives through the exhibits of the Folkloric museum.


Syvros is a traditional picturesque village which is still intact from the tourism development. It has approximately 400 permanent residents and located on the south side of Lefkada. Its name comes from long time ago, since Homeric times, meaning the place where the porks are feed. The village has also a very large old-fashioned square which took its name from the Greek rebel “Alexandros Panagoulis”. Close to Syvros is the Vassiliki bay, one of the most popular spots of the island.


From Komilio village the road continues to the villages Dragano and Athani with their stone houses and narrow paths. In Dragano there is an old olive factory which is considered as a tenable monument. It is a remarkable sample of pre-industrial building for the process of agricultural products and it contributes to the study of the history of architecture. Here the process of the olives and the production of olive oil was achieved manually or with the help of a horse. In Dragano there is also the church of Ipapanti and two interesting wells from the Turkish, Venetian and English times. The road continues towards the south and leads to three unique beaches : Yialos, Egremni and Porto Katsiki. They are world famous beaches for their crystal, clear waters and white sand. The landscape remains in the memory of the visitor as he approaches the beaches either from the land or from the sea by boat

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