The Hammam

Visit "The Hammam" a place for soul seekers that will soon become a habit for all!

A place for recreation in Nidri Lefkada

"The Hammam" a cosy place created for body and soul treatments. A place where you can shelter your body and soul, relax for a little while and recharge your batteries. Soon Hammam becomes a mesmerizing habit that you want to relish once more.


The bath:

Traditional Bath (self service): Enjoy your private bath with our own products. The bath may last up to 1.30 hour.

Aqua fantasy: The ultimate experience of the traditional Bath which includes 30’ in the Hammam, body peeling with Ketse? (Greek felt) and finally a soothing massage with foam, rich in honey, shea nut oil and argan oil.
Duration 1h/€45.

Voile de Soultane: Combining the features of the traditional Anatolia women with seductive essences. Natural metallic Argyl from Morocco, Rhassoul and fragrances from jasmine and rose essential oils.The Rhassoul and the body peel are carried out in the Hammam and the massage in the cabin.
Duration 1.30h.

The massage:

If God created our various pains, he also invented the massage to gift us with beautiful and resuscitating experiences. Apart from pain relief, these massages also work in a spiritual and intellectual level while transcending us from this Earthly existence into a beautiful platform.

Body massage Lefkada

Massage Therapies:
Greek Herbal Cupping
A deeply muscle relieving massage using traditional Greek Techniques. Ideal for stimulating the blood circulation. A mixture of Balsam oil, rose and rosemary that improves tired muscles and softens the skin.
Duration 30’/€30 & 60’/€60

Choose the essential oils that suit you best and enjoy an experience of maximum relaxation, benefiting from the calming properties of the essential oils.
Duration 25’/€40 & 50’/€70.

Asian Herb Bolus Blend
The traditional Asian method of massage with warm pouches is practised to calm the nerve system, to equilibrate the energy and to soothe sore muscles and other body pains.
Duration 60’/€80

Bamboo Massage
A massage which has its roots back in ancient Malaysian tradition, that serves for tranquility and wellness. After all, the bamboo plant is the symbol of flexibility, honesty and simplicity.
Duration 60’/€80

Hot Stone Massage
The hot stone massage is considered to be the massage from the Earth.
Eastern philosophy intertwined with the ancient therapeutic art of energetic massage with volcanic stones from hot Basalt (black lava)creating a model therapy that restores spiritual balance.
Duration 75’/€90

Tai Oil Massage
One of the most ancient methods from Thailand which combines Yoga stretches, elements from Reflexology and pressuring. A combination which aims for deep body and mind relaxation.
Duration 60’/€70

Hammam treatment Nidri

Indy Sculpt Massage
A method of Ayurvedic philosophy from India. A rich mixture of essential oils that deeply nourishes your skin and scalp. Duration 30’/€25

The Treatments

Body Peel and Moisturise
Rose & Jasmine: A delicate body peel using powders from cherry, plum and subtle notes of jasmine and rose...that removes all dead cells. As it is enriched with Moroccan rose petals, thos creamy lotion nourishes and hydrates the skin while giving an essence of jasmine and rose.
Duration 30’/€25

Marine Body Heating Wrap
An enjoyable treatment, using a mask of auto-thermal sea mask clay with warm-cool alternations that detoxify, soothe musculoskeletal pain, while you feel much lighter and relieved.
Duration 60’/€50

The Hammam Lefkada

Get Special Offers

Traditional Bath – Three prepaid sessions €60
Traditional Bath – Ten prepaid sessions (one session per week) €180
Traditional Bath – Twenty prepaid sessions (one session per week) €300
Traditional Bath – Ten prepaid sessions & Ten 30’Body Massage €400
Aquafantasy – Ten prepaid sessions (one session per week) €250
Aquafantasy – Twenty prepaid sessions (one session per week) €500
Back Massage With Thermale Mud – Six prepaid sessions By Phytomer €180
Body Detox – Six prepaid sessions By Phytomer €200

Contact Details

The Hammam
Address: Lefkados -Nydriou 31084, Nydri , Lefkada
Telephone: +30 26450 93105
Mobile N.: +30 6972998793
Email: [email protected]

Hammam Nidri

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