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Villas near Archaeological museum? Villas near Lefkada town?

Cultural Center Of Lefkada:

The Cultural Center of Lefkada which is at the city center of Lefkada, hosts the small but respectful collection of the Archeological museum of Lefkada. It also host an exhibition of the Folklore Dance Festival and the museum of Lefkadios Hern.

1. Archeological Museum of Lefkada:

The collection covers a great period from the middle paleolithic era until the late roman. It includes findings from the burial tumuli at Steno and Skaros in the area of Nydri, finds from the Choirospelia cave at Eugeros, from the cemeteries of the ancient city of Leucas, and from various sites of the island (cave of "Asvotrypa" at Fryni, cave of the Nymphs near Ag. Kyriaki, Skaros and Meganissi).

Open: Daily except for Saturday-Sunday, 08:30-14:30, 18:00-20:00.
Admission: General € 2, student € 1.
For further information, call (+30) 2645026635.

Villas near museum? Villas near Lefkada town?

2. Exhibition of the Folkore Dance festival:

The Folklore dance festival is the event of the year in Lefkada and it takes place mid of August. Lefkada hosts Folklore Dance groups from all over the world that come to show us their culture and perform their traditional dances to us.

The exhibition is a view to the culture of all these countries that have been hosted in Lefkada by the years. At the end of each festival the Cultural center and the Mayor of Lefkada receive a gift from each group that has been hosted in our island.
So in this exhibition you will find traditional costumes, traditional instruments, Vinyl disks with traditional music, photos from the preformers and many more.

Open: Daily except for Saturday-Sunday, 08:30-14:30, 18:00-20:00
Admission: General € 1.
For further information, call (+30) 2645026635.

VVillas near Lefkada town?

3. Museum for Lefkadios Hern (Yakumi Koizumi):

A museum in memory of Lefkadio Hern. This collection gives information about the life of Lefkadios Hern, a man from Lefkada that went to Japan and accomplished to become the national poet of Japanese. With rare editions and books and a collection of Japanese objects. Interactive visit with comparative information about the european, american and Japanese civilisations at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, through Hern’s work and spirit.

Open: Daily except for Saturday-Sunday, 08:30-14:30, 18:00-20:00
Admission: General € 1.
For further information, call (+30) 2645026635.

VVillas near Lefkada town?

4. Orfeus Folklore Museum “Pantazis Kontomichis”:

The museum functions since 1978. Contains over 1500 exhibits, objects from the everyday life of the people of Lefkada since the 15th century.

Open: April-October, daily except for Mondays, 10:00-13:00 and 19:00-22:00.
Admission: General € 2, free for seniors & young children.
For further information and for organised school or other educational visits call (+30) 2645022778 during museum working hours and days, and Ms Sklirou (+30) 2645022778 or Ms Roussou (+30) 2645022502 during office hours.

5. Ecclesiastical Museum I.M. Faneromenis:

The museum is placed inside the monastery of Faneromeni and it contains exhibits (iconography, paintings, mosaics, temples, manuscripts, robes) from churches and monasteries of the island, from the era of the second turkish occupation (1479-1684) until the union with Greece in 1864.

Maritime Museum “Nikos Morinas” that functions since 2011, located in the basement of the Ecclesiastical Museum I.M. Faneromenis.

Open: April-September, Monday-Saturday 09:00-13:00 and 18:00-20:00.
Admission: Free.
For further informations, call (+30) 2645021105, (+30) 2645021305.

Villas near Lefkada town?

6. Folklore Museum of Lefkada’s Embroidery “Maria Koutsochero”:

It is located in Karya and it shows artefacts of embroidery and weaving that its difficult and special technic makes them unique in the world.

Open: April-November, daily 09:00-21:00.
Admission: General € 2.5
For further information: Tel: (+30) 2645041590.

Villas near Lefkada town?

7. Antiques Exhibition (Phonography Museum):

It is located in the heart of the city of Lefkada, a tiny space but full of objects from old local houses

Open: Daily 10:00-14:00 & 19:00 - 00:00 (March - October)
Admission: Free
For further information: Tel:( +30) 2645021088

8. The public Library:

Villas near Lefkada town?

The Public Library was opened in 1953, taking the place of the small library of the (pre-war) Community of Lefkada. It is housed in a two-storey neo-Classical building in a well-tended garden, built between 1888-1906 as the residence of the Zoulinos family. It later housed the National Bank of Greece for a number of years and was then acquired by the Greek State.

It has a large collection of printed matter , publications and books, a collection of 17th century etchings by the traveller Coronelli and a large number of select icons, mainly in the Ionian style of devotional painting by the best known iconographers (Doxaras, Patsaras, Roussos, Ventouras, Gazis and others), but also of other art styles and devotional vessels and objects of worship, all of which are beautifully displayed.

Open: 1 Apr - 30 Sep: Tue,Thu 08:30-13:30, 18:00-20:30 & Wed, Fri-Sat, 08:30-13:30
Admission: Free
For further information: Tel.: (+30) 26450 22502

9. The "Kontomichio Folkrorik Museum" in Kavalos village

Villas near Sfakiotes?

It was created by the ex Borough of Sfakiotes and is open to the public since the summer of 2004. It is housed in the old building of the Kavalos elementary school, in a place full of pine trees. The museum refers to tools and equipment, their use and meaning to the social evolution during the time they were created and the social and economic framework in which the Lefkadite people worked during the pro industrial times. The museum’s exhibits are: Variety of tools used in different crafts, such as shoemaker, farmer, carpenter, barber, builder, screen maker and woodcutter. Recreation of areas within the Lefkadite home (kitchen, oven) Collection of old photographs Collection of woven material and traditional dress

Open: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9:00 – 21:00
Monday, Tuesday: 9:00 – 13:00 & 17:30 – 21:00
Admission: Free.

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