Paragliding in Lefkada

Experience the absolute freedom

What is paragliding?

A question with many answers. Some would say a rush, a thrill, a hobby,others a way to take you to places that only birds could go,a way to experience the absolute freedom.

One thing is sure, once you put your mind to it and you finally decide to do it, then you want to experience it all over again.

Experience paragliding sports

Paragliding in Lefkada

Have the adventure in Lefkada and feel the ultimate freedom while flying above the amazing ever green landascapes of Lefkada island and its breathtaking sandy beaches with Ionians' crystal clear emerald waters.
Join the team of Big Blue Paragliding in Lefkada. Its pioneers with their 28th yeared experience of active flying-experience worldwide, combined with a flexible team of well-trained pilots/instructors and leading expert assistance, will keep you safe in this adventure.
Lefkada Paragliding This team's prioprity is to organize and to promote the safe instruction of paragliding, as well as to develope and preserve flying-sites in Lefkada Greece.
Quality and safety in all aspects of paragliding, is not only a moto for them but also a fundamental principle.
There are tour packages for paragliders and easy introductory paragliding-tandem flights for first time flyers.

Join their passion for free flying above the Ionian Sea and Fly the big Blue!

Fly with the pioneers of paragliding in Lefkada-Greece, "exclusively" from a new Take off "the Big Blue" at 550 meters above the sea-level. Away from the crowd, the facility offers a private relaxed atmosphere, one of the most unique locations to experience the thrill of a lifetime paragliding adventure!
Fly in the Thermals, taken on photo or video, and soar above the ionian sea and its amazing beaches.
No training is needed as the professional experienced pilots will guide you through a Tandem- flight, leaving you free to enjoy the scenery of green mountains, white sandy beaches and blue lagoon waters below.
Without doubt, this is free flying in its purest form. With this team you can reach the most stunning Flying sites available in lefkada,with the most excellent thermal-connections for greater flights :-)
The pilots are licenced by F.A.I. APPI DHV ÖAeC ELAO and the team speaks many languages, so they can make youy feel even more at ease, such as greek, english, german, spanish, italian, french and portuguese!

Paragliding in Lefkada


Please keep in mind that Paragliding is a naturesport and even in greece we can have a delay or cancel flights due bad wind and weather-conditions! So do not let your paragliding-adventure for the last day of your holidays.
Tel.: (+30) 6977163488

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