Things to do in Lefkada

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Things to do in Lefkada:

Museums in Lefkada

1. Cultural Spots Of Lefkada:

Visit the Archeological Museum and the exhibition for Lefkadios Hern, the national poet of Japan who was born in Lefkada, the Folk Museum of Orpheus and the church museum in the Monastery of Faneromeni.These are few of the museums that exist in Lefkada. More info about Museums in Lefkada.

2. City tour:

Do a city tour and learn the history behind this small but remarkable city. You can start discovering the center of the city, with or without a tour guide. Start from the beginning of the main pedestrian street, wonder around the small alleys to see the beautiful colourful traditional houses and its unique architecture, visit the churches. There are many more secrets, the city awaits for you to discover.

Castle of Lefkada

3. Castle of Santa Maura:

Visit the Medieval Castle of Santa Maura located at the entrance of Lefkada island, learn about its stategic location and the many conquerors who have coveted it throughout the centuries. More info about Castle of Santa Maura.

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4. Lagoon visit:

Rent a bike, jogg or walk around the lagoon and watch the rare species of birds. The lagoon of Lefkada is one of the most important wetlands of the Ionian islands, which is integrated in the NATURA 2000 network as a protected area of ​​great ecological importance and is also featured, by RAMSAR Treaty as a wetland of international importance.

Water sport activities

5. Kite or Surf lessons:

Take kite or surf lessons. Near Lefkada town there is Miloi Beach which is basically for the more experienced but do not be disappointed, in the beach of Vasiliki where the waters are more calm you will be able to learn and become an expert. More about Water sports.

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6. Paragliding, Lefkada from above:

Do Paragliding in Lefkada and enjoy the wonderful view of Lefkada from above. Feel completely free by flying on top of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Lefkada. The most experienced team in the field will keep you safe and you will make you enjoy it all the way through.

Yachts and boats

7. Sailing around:

Rent a boat and sail the ionian Sea with or without a skipper. Find now boat rentals, sailing boats & yacht charters in Lefkada and sail around Lefkada, Meganisi, Atokos, Arkoudi, Ithaca or other nearby islands. Discover Ionian Sea. Sail in Ionian islands.

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8. Water sports in cosmopolitical villages:

Have some fun doing water sports in Nidri, Nikiana or Vasiliki bay.

9. Horse-riding:

Horse Riding

Go for horse-back riding. There are magical pathways you can discover on a horse and enjoy the green landscapes of Lefkada, like the silver-green olive orchard in the plain of Frini.

10. Visit in Waterfalls

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Lefkada is well known for its abundance of water which is one of the principal reasons why most of the island is lush with greenery. Visit the wonderful waterfall in Nidri and dare swim in its cold waters. The scenery path you have to take on foot to get to the waterfall will amaze you and cool you down in a hot summer day!

11. Orthodox churches:

Visit the Monastery of Faneromeni dedicated in Holy Mary , the protector of the island, light a canddle in Her Grace, visit the museum, visit the small zoo or just enjoy the outstanding view of Lefkada town and its entrance. Also, visit the churches of Lefkada and see how they differentiate from all the other churches of mainland Greece.

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12. Papanikolis Cave:

Rent a boat or take the cruise and discover the huge blue caves where during WWII the famous submarine “Papanikolis” was hiding.

13. Local winery visit:

Local winery, Lefkaditiki Gi

Take a tour in the local winery, Land of Lefkada for wine tasting and learn about the local grape variety of Vertzami. A tour to the winery is an interesting recommendation for the holiday maker to add a touch of flavour to their stay. The guided tour is both pleasant and enlightening. The tour includes a brief retrospection of traditional wine-making methods and vine cultivation in Lefkada, as well as an exhibition tour of old wine making and farming tools.

14. Discover the beaches, a different way:

puddle boarding

Do kayak and canoe or even puddle-boarding, the new trend. If you ever wished in doing Canoe kayak or try puddle boarding, Lefkada is the ideal place to try it out! The smooth waters of Nikiana, Ligia and Nidri will give you not only the opportunity to learn how to do it but it will also give you away the beautiful images of the majestic scenery around you. Search for daily trips that provide even more, such as a stop in Meganisi for a cold beer or a soft drink and BBQ on the beach! Make your vacation special!

15. Cape Lefkatas:

Cape Lefkatas

Visit Cape Lefkatas and explore its wild beauty. Many myths surround this wild place. Some say that it took its name from Lefkos, a companion of Odysseus, others say from Lefkatas, ayoung man who according to mythology, in his effort to escape from the rage of God Appolo, jump off the cliff. Go there and witness it beauty and let the wind whisper in your ear the myth of Sappho who committed suicide for the love of Faon.

16. Plateau of Eglouvi:

Discover the plateau of Eglouvi, high up in the mountains, where the famous Lefkadian lentil is planted and visit Agios Donatos to admire the breathtaking view of Ionian Islands (Kefalonia, Ithaka, etc).

17. Lefkadian tastes:

Taste local products such as lentils, salami, honey, pastelia, mantoles,rozoli etc. Visit the folklor museum of Orfeus to see how pastelia and mandolata were made in old times.Go to the oldest spirit maker in town ''Fragkoulis'' and taste the traditional liquer Rozoli and some other liquers such as mint that are made from them and their famous Ouzo!

18. Traditional embroideries:

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Visit Karya the main mountainous village and buy the famous “Karsanika” embroideries. Walk around the alleys of the village to see the beautiful stone-built houses and visit the folklore museum of embroidery ''Maria Koutsohero''.

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